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Is this a sign? How to drive more traffic to your event

So you have a major event coming up. You've passed out flyers, you have posted on Facebook, and you're snap chatting preparations. However you've forgotten one thing. Signage. Do people clearly know how to get to your event? Oh no, little Timmy has to go to the bathroom. Where is the bathroom? Are there signs directing people to where they need to go? Where do I register? Are there accommodations for handicap or disabled people? Where is the sale? I didn't know this was the pastor's parking spot. Where is visitor parking? All of these questions can be easily answered by having the proper signage.

Fresh Prints LA offers a variety of sign options ranging from pop up banners, yard signs, step and repeat banners, a-frame signs, feather flags, posters, and customized event tents. There are way too many signs out there for you not to have the proper signage for your event or business. Having the proper signage can draw customers to your event or business who might not have sought you otherwise. How many times do you try a new restaurant because their sign catches your eye? If you have a company who's name/logo does not give a clear definition of the services you offer, you may want to consider additional signage. Maybe you should hang a mesh banner in your store front window that boldly lists some of the most common services customers want. Post a feather flag outside to announce your grand opening or closeout sale. Whatever the occasion is you are sure to generate more foot traffic if there is a clear sign that points people to where they need to be.

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